The OneK1K cohort consists of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) data from 1.27 million peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PMBCs) collected from 982 donors. We developed a framework for the classification of individual cells, and by combining the scRNA-seq data with genotype data, we mapped the genetic effects on gene expression in each of 14 immune cell types and identified 26,597 independent cis–expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs).

Update - 2023/11/13

We regret to inform you that the OneK1K eQTL Browser is temporarily unavailable, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. In the meantime, the results are available for download below. If you have any questions, please contact us via this form.

Cell Type Cell Description eQTL eSNP
CD4 ET CD4+ KLRB1+ T cell cd4et_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd4et_esnp_table.tsv.gz
CD4 NC CD4+ KLRB1- T cell cd4nc_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd4nc_esnp_table.tsv.gz
CD4 SOX4 CD4+ SOX4+ T cell cd4sox4_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd4sox4_esnp_table.tsv.gz
CD8 NC CD8+ LTB+ T cell cd8nc_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd8et_esnp_table.tsv.gz
CD8 ET CD8+ GNLY+ NKG7+ T cell cd8et_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd8nc_esnp_table.tsv.gz
CD8 S100B CD8+ S100B+ T cell cd8s100b_eqtl_table.tsv.gz cd8s100b_esnp_table.tsv.gz
NK XCL1- NK nk_eqtl_table.tsv.gz nk_esnp_table.tsv.gz
NK R XCL1+ NK nkr_eqtl_table.tsv.gz nkr_esnp_table.tsv.gz
B Mem TCL1A- FCER2- B cell bmem_eqtl_table.tsv.gz bmem_esnp_table.tsv.gz
B IN TCL1A+ FCER2+ B.cell bin_eqtl_table.tsv.gz bin_esnp_table.tsv.gz
Plasma IgJ+ B cell plasma_eqtl_table.tsv.gz plasma_esnp_table.tsv.gz
Mono C Monocyte CD14+ monoc_eqtl_table.tsv.gz monoc_esnp_table.tsv.gz
Mono NC Monocyte FCGR3A+ mononc_eqtl_table.tsv.gz mononc_esnp_table.tsv.gz
DC Dendritic cell dc_eqtl_table.tsv.gz dc_esnp_table.tsv.gz
All All cell types and subtypes eqtl_table.tsv.gz esnp_table.tsv.gz